sekerICT is a one-man consultancy company, run by me: Anton Sekeris.

I was born in the mid seventies of the previous century and from a young age I was interested in computers and their possibilities.

I saved up my allowance as a kid to eventually buy my first computer, a Commodore 64 that I still own today. Obviously being a kid playing games was a large part of the computer experience, but I also spent a fair deal of time learning basic and eventually machine code.

So unsurprisingly I ended up studying computer science and I received my bachelor's degree in this field in the mid nineties.

During my studies I already had an extensive focus on and personal interest in C and C++, the latter of which was essentially an emerging language at the time of which I found the concepts compelling. The curriculum did not entirely cater to these languages, focusing more on academical languages such as Pascal, so I self-taught myself extra-curricularly, eventualy assisting the tutors in establishing the educational program for these languages going forwards. To this day, C++ has remained my favourite language and with the advent of the standard updates up to C++23 this language is better than ever. But obviously over time I've adopted and adapted to quite a number of other languages where needed.

From two traineeships during my studies I rolled into a part-time job and after my studies full-time job and I've been employed in this weird and wonderful business of computers ever since. I served in a variety of roles for a variety of companies catering to a variety of functional domains using a variety of programming languages, technologies and toolsets. You may have noticed there was a lot of variety there. I've always tried to be as broad as possible in my experiences. I like to jokingly say about myself that I know a little about a lot and a lot about very little. Although obviously I do have quite deep expertise in some areas, I think it's important to realise that there is always more to learn and to continually strive to do so across the board.

One specialty I developed over time is dealing with very large volumes of data in SQL server databases. Software is not simply about programming languages or code as such - the central pivot in nearly any application of computer science is data. Being able to persist large volumes of data in a scalable performant way is becoming increasingly key in computing today. In my opinion, to be well rounded in the field of computer science, you need to be able to deal with the data level, the logic level and the user experience level to at least some degree. My experience leans towards the former two as I enjoy working in those areas most, but I've certainly been exposed sufficiently to the user experience area to have a well-informed opinion on what works and what doesn't in most cases.

One of the most interesting things about creating software is that it is nearly always applied to another field. This means that over the years I got to learn about many functional areas as I applied my technical skillsets to them. It's always an interesting challenge to establish a vocabulary with which you can communicate with people that have no technical knowledge but vast functional knowledge and a problem that needs to be solved. I dare say I've become quite adept at quickly absorbing new functional domains and am very capable of communicating technical capabilities and limitations to a non-technical audience.

Outside of work I spend a fair amount of time renovating the more than 100 years old but wonderfully spacious house my family lives in. Occasionally you might find me beating my drum-kit (not nearly as often as I would like) or reading a book when I manage to find time for it.

Now if you've read this far kudos to you for not going TLDR on me. Consider me suitably impressed. I'd be inclined to say you are interested, so why not drop me a line? There's contact information all over the site.

- Anton Sekeris
P.O. Box 648
The Netherlands