Featured Clients


Development and maintenance of the FCRM (financial crime risk management) suite.

Tata Steel

C++ component processing data between robot cranes and control room software


Consultancy & advice on IT opportunities in various fields such as home automation.

Onderhoud Transparant

C++ engineering activities for: Windows services for image handling, SMTP handling; IPOS STABU code filtering; iPad support consultancy.

Wim's Timerwerken en Onderhoud

PHP web-design & construction, mail and web hosting services.

Letter Oerwoud en So

PHP web-design & construction, mail and web hosting services.

P.O. Box 648
The Netherlands
Current Proprietary Projects

rest framework

An application framework using restful micro-services at its core and file based json data storage using proprietary indexing. The separation between back-end and front-end services makes for a very scalable solution. The current implementation of the front-end service will produce HTML5, but additional front-ends could easily produce other output channels. The core, data and presentation elements are all written in C++. An easy way to serve the ultimate output over the web is to use your webserver of choice and some PHP.

GIF Merger

An online PHP tool to easily merge animated gifs with a variety of animated content. A splicer if you will that allows a continuous animation to be overlayed on a slowly changing text.


A platform independent make-like tool with some very specific features that make my platform independent development easier. Written in C++ of course.

Historical Projects

iSCSI implementation

Retired - C++ implementation of an (RFC3720) iSCSI initiator, specifically for the Mac, but implemented (as I usually do) mostly platform independent. iSCSI initiators are commonplace on many platforms, but on the Mac there are only a few implementations available, none of which are free and all of which have issues (for me anyway). So I decided to write my own. It's functional and serves its purpose for me, but would need polishing and productizing to make it available to the public.

Eventide web server

Retired - In the late nineties/early noughties, I developed a fully functioning web server in C++. It was extremely light weight and fast and had a few features that were lacking in available web servers at the time. It was also cross-platform, running equally comfortable on Windows, OpenBSD and the Linuxes of them time. The advent of improved Apache, nginx, etc. made it redundant and I eventually retired it. Some of it's code base however later served me well in client related projects and part of my generic library of classes I used regularly still contains useful remnants of this project.


Retired - C++ library that allowed programmatically creating Excel™ xml documents.

preprocessor for C++

Halted - Quite a few years ago, before the advent of C++11 and C++14 (when we all still thought the next C++ would be C++0x) I worked on creating a C++ preprocessor to replace the one my compiler at the time provided. Although I never finished this project, it was functional enough to fullfil some needs I had for another (client-related) project at the time. I wrote it in C++ which was unorthodox because most compiler toolsets were written in plain C at the time.


Halted - C++ library providing implementations for various interesting string matching methods, such as Levensthein and Metaphone, as well as some properietary ones.