EXIF Stripper

EXIF is the technical term representing metadata associated with images, usually specifically photos.

When a photo is taken with any modern camera (whether compact, DSLR or phone), it will carry with it a large set of information. This can include location information when the camera is equiped with GPS and these days most cameras are.

When posting photos on the internet, it is usually a good idea to remove such information for a variety of reasons. Some sites will do this for you when you upload pictures, but some might not. Tumblr for example does not.

The EXIF stripper on this page can be used to get an EXIF free version of a single picture. If you need to process a batch of images, or simply would rather not use a web-site (wise!) a good example of a tool to use is exiftool.

When you upload an image via the form below, all EXIF headers are stripped from it and the original image as uploaded is overwritten and presented inline for download. The image will only stay available there for a limited time. An automated process will remove it usually within an hour. So it is advisable to re-download it immediately.

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