GIF Merger

This tool is under active development. Expect many failures.

The GIF Merger has a very specific purpose - although it doesn't enforce that purpose and trying to do exotic things may produce interesting results. Its purpose is to superimpose an smaller animated gif on a larger background. One use for this is to create banners that include video converted to gif on one side and some sort of text area on the other.

The background can be a gif, jpg or png file. If it's a gif containing multiple frames there should be the same amount of frames as in the foreground image and they will just get merged. If the background image contains only one frame it gets duplicated for each frame in the foreground image. Perhaps in future I'll try to do something clever to 'synch' varying frame numbers up.

Currently the animated gif will be overlaying the background image on the left-most side. In future I might make that configurable and add additional bells and whistles.

For additional tools, please refer to They provide nearly every operation imaginable - create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to images - with the exception of this very specific one I provide here. I don't intend to duplicate anything they already provide at this time.

Note that it may take a couple of minutes to process the files. It is advisable to keep the images physically small and the number of frames down. My specific needs are for 240x80px gifs with up to 200 frames. Those should go through fine and take about 1:40m to process. If you don't get a resulting file at the end, most likely things timed out. In future I might juggle things around so the files get uploaded first and I can predict the processing time, refusing images that might overrun the timeout settings.

The merged resource is presented inline for download. The image will only stay available there for a limited time. An automated process will remove it usually within an hour. So it is advisable to re-download it immediately.

Provide background and foreground

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